We have a 4 cabins that house 5 people 45 square meters. The cabins have 2 bedrooms, one has a double bed and the other has a double bed with an upper bunk. Blankets and pillows for 5 are provided. There is a good kitchen and all the main furnishings, dining room and living room in one space. A bathroom with a shower is in the building and the sundeck has a hot tub and charcoal grill.

We have a 1 cabin that houses 10 people, 100 square metres. There are 4 bedrooms in the house, 2 double rooms and 2 double beds and upstairs bunk beds. Blankets and pillows are for 10 people. There is a good kitchen in the house with all the main appliances and there is also a dishwasher, a spacious living room and a dining area. The house has 2 bathrooms with one shower. A gas grill is on the sundeck and a hot tub.